Important to know

  • Most experts prescribe Tamoxifen in dosage twenty milligrams per day. In the case if on the face of any common form of cancer, then it is possible to increase the daily dosage of up to thirty – forty milligrams.
  • The maximum daily dose of the drug is considered to be forty milligrams. The therapeutic effect of this treatment is observed more often in four – ten weeks of therapy. If a patient has bone metastases are, if necessary curative action is necessary to wait for some months.
  • If the doctor has prescribed more than one tablet of the drug per day, then you can calmly divide the total number to two steps, that is, half drink in the morning and the other half in the evening. The duration of tamoxifen therapy directly depends on the severity of existing disease, and from its flow. In most cases, therapy is very long and all because the pills are advised to take this drug for as long as no remission. Even if a person is available any violation of normal operation of the liver or kidneys, this is no reason for dose adjustment of medication.
  • The dosage and regimen according to drug children still have not been installed by specialists. The most effective therapeutic effect can be achieved in the fight directly with estrogen-receptor positive malignancies which have made themselves felt in post-menopausal. It should be noted, and the fact that Tamoxifen can be quite easy to use, along with both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is important to say, and that the presence of diabetes, eye diseases or thromboembolic disease should be prescribed the pharmaceutical agent with extreme caution.
  • Since this preparation is inherent estrogenic action can be used to treat diseases like cancer, and polyps, and hyperplasia. If previously the patient had to use the help of medication, whereas before the course of treatment of cancer should be for six months, and even more regularly a variety of therapeutic and gynecological examination.
  • If a woman on the background of therapy will vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding or pain in the pelvic area, then it is very important to the doctor as soon as possible to establish the true cause of this kind of phenomena. If a woman uses tamoxifen to prevent breast cancers, then it needs at least once a month to check on endometrial hyperplasia.
  • In case of atypical hyperplasia treatment according to need medication will immediately be suspended. Since some people on the background of the use of the funds marked the development of certain impairment, experts advise to periodically visit cancer patients who take Tamoxifen and ophthalmologist.