The indications for use of the drug Nolvadex. In the very first place worth noting the fact that Nolvadex is used primarily to combat estrogen-dependent malignant tumors in the breast as the female and the male half of humanity. Often, to help treat the medicament present in the case of renal cancer, prostate, ovarian or endometrial. Melanomas and sarcomas of soft tissues, which are endowed with estrogen receptors also undergo therapy with this drug. Regarding contraindications tamoxifen, it is only during pregnancy and thrombophlebitis. If a person is available thrombocytopenia, hypercalcemia, or leukopenia, then the use of this drug is only possible under the strict control of regular skilled in the art.


  • Tamoxifen – a pharmaceutical agent which is available in a package that accommodates thirty tablets of the drug. This medicament endowed with both anti-estrogenic and anti-tumor effect. This formulation, together with their metabolites combats estradiol binding sites for estrogen receptors, which are located in the tissues of both the vagina and uterus, and breast.

What is the method of application and dosing regimen of this drug?

  • Most often, the doctor selects the necessary dosage for each patient individually, taking into account the available evidence. The daily dose in each case may vary within twenty – forty milligrams. Standard Doha assumed twenty milligrams of the drug to be taken orally every day for as long as currently do not give to know the early symptoms suggestive of disease progression. Most often this drug take pills at once. If necessary, the total dosage may be divided on two steps.

Side effects:

Side effects that may develop as a result of the use of tamoxifen can be attributed as a pain in the bones, and vaginal bleeding, nausea, dry skin, its redness, vomiting, phlebitis, swelling, enlargement of the ovaries, and some others.

Immediately draw your attention to the fact that in the case of metastases, particularly in the liver, the drug should not be used, because no therapeutic effect will be observed. In the case of tamoxifen along with cytostatics marked increase in the risk of blood clots. His simultaneous use with drugs, which tend to reduce the excretion of calcium by the kidneys, can trigger the development of hypercalcemia. It is not necessary to use the drug and, along with other hormonal agents, since such cooperation minimizes the therapeutic effect of both drugs. Keep out of the pharmaceutical agent in a dry, dark place at a temperature less than twenty-five degrees. Shelf life is twenty-four months.